Asian Himalaya Music School was established in 1994 by a team of renowned Nepali cultural artists, with a view to explore study and preserve traditional Nepali arts. The school is duly registered and recognized by the Government of Nepal (Regd. No. 25027). The school conducts both traditional and modern dance, music, and vocal classes. The traditional instruments we teach to play are of wide range representing different ethnic groups of Nepal; Madal,Tabala, flute, Guitar, Violin Piano, Key-board, vocal, Classical vocal, Semi Classical vocal, Saarangi, Damphu, and Binayo are some of the instances.

Location: The school is situated at the heart of the Kathmandu city, Kantipath 44600 Jamal, just Closed by National Auditorium Hall. It is approximately five kilometers form the Kathmandu International Airport.


Objectives: The core objectives of the organization are to explore, practice, develop, and preserve the cultural and traditional Nepali folk arts. The school is established with an ambition to teach the students to acknowledge the values of both conventional and modern arts.


Activities: The school conducts both traditional and modern dance, music, and vocal classes. We train our students, amateur and professional alike, to excel at their skills. Organizing performances for special occasions is another concern of the school. Nepal, though a small country has a number of different tribal groups rich in culture and tradition. We manage different cultural performances representing different ethnic groups with their traditional dress, musical instruments, and dance practices.

Methods: The students are taught theoretically and through practice. The tutor gives the instructions and then the students practice with the guide of the tutor. Sometimes the students are taken to public shows when they become competent.


Facilities: The school provides lessons to its students six days a week except on Saturdays and Government holidays. Every student is provided with an instrument, a group, and a instructor for better learning. On special cases, if a student needs an individual instructor, the school will provide an instructor with extra charges.